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The Elevator Pitch

Wildcat is a protocol that allows borrowers to deploy undercollateralised credit lines. That's it. Wildcat borrowers can dictate the terms of any parameter that they would care to modify when seeking to borrow: i.e. capacity, rates, underlying asset, penalty terms, withdrawal cycles, and so on. Wildcat borrowers dictate their preferred lender set: currently through explicit permissioning of addresses. Depending on the controller contract underlying a given Wildcat market, extra functionality can be bolted on: extra logic regarding the way that interest is paid, or to whom, or various on-chain conditions for deposit release. Wildcat markets are not controlled or upgradable by the protocol itself once deployed. Your market and its interactions are yours and yours alone. We can't liquidate collateral, we can't freeze markets, and we can't access your funds.

We provide a legal agreement between borrower and lender on a per-market basis, but you are free to decline to use this, or use your own.

The Wildcat Protocol: enabling 21st century wildcat banks.

​A Comment Before You Head Further In

This is the documentation prepared for launch, to familiarise people with the protocol. There is some repetition of terms and definitions in sections.

This is intentional, as we don't want (or expect) people to have to read through the entire thing in order to understand the section that they're interested in.

Post-launch, we will be fleshing this Gitbook out more with screenshots, illustrations, videos and so forth to help explain more concepts more clearly - waves of text can be difficult to parse, but we don't know yet what is coming across well and what isn't!


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