The Wildcat Protocol

Banking, but worse.

This is an early version of the Wildcat protocol documentation! Something you don't understand? Something missing? Fire a message to @functi0nZer0 on Twitter and watch him do Things That Don't Scale!


Welcome to the Wildcat documentation. We recognise that a protocol's Gitbook is - as a rule - only ever read by three categories of people:

  • Security auditors working out if something is broken,

  • Protocol researchers working out if something is worth posting about, and

  • Lawyers working out if something is actually legal.

With that in mind, we'll keep this high-level page brief. If you're an auditor or developer, you want:

Component OverviewCode Security Reviews

If you're a protocol researcher looking for content for their next thread, you want:


And if you're a lawyer or a regulator, you want:

Wildcat Service Agreement

Beyond that, the documentation is yours to enjoy (or not) at your leisure. We didn't enjoy writing it, but if you happen to enjoy reading it, then that all comes out fine in the wash.

Hic sunt dragones.

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